A discussion about church

If you struggle with some aspects of the Mennonite culture, here is a place to read what others are saying and feeling. Asher Witmer is married to my cousin Teresa; they have two little boys and live in Thailand. Asher is passionate about God’s kingdom, and tackles sticky issues with energy and grace.

I have been sobered by the responses I have read so far. So many people are longing for spiritual life and authenticity. At the same time, we see so much good about our culture. How do we cherish the good parts and let go of the not-so-good? Could some of the good things be let go for better things? I am trying to listen and learn.

Church issues are deeply personal for many of us, so if you decide to join the discussion, I encourage you to temper your words with gentleness and respect.

Feel free to leave feedback here, as well. I always enjoy hearing from you!

Here are some other men from our culture (or similar) that you might enjoy reading: Dwight Gingerich’s thoughtful and scholarly approach to the Bible is a treat to read. Frank Reed is a seasoned voice on the church scene. Simon Fry has some very good articles on baptism and communion.

I am blessed by learning from men who are strong leaders in God’s church, whether or not they are in official positions of leadership.

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