For Christian Women Whose Husbands Work Too Much

Few things hurt my heart as much as hearing these statements from sad housewives: "I feel like a widow." "I'm practically raising my children myself, and I am so lonely." "My husband works long hours. When he is home, he is busy with his hobbies and things and doesn't have time for the family." The …

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One night I woke with a start, sensing that something was wrong. Sitting up in bed, I saw a small form standing in the doorway of my bedroom, holding a blanket and crying. "Come, Keane!" I called softly. He toddled over to my bed, dragging his blanket. I picked him up and hugged him. “Are you scared, …

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Who Keeps Us?

I have family and friends who have ventured beyond the safe confines of their Christian environments; they have edged into a world that is bigger and harder and scarier than anything they've experienced before. When a Christian sits down for food and conversation with someone of a different religion, snuggles the babies of troubled teenage mothers, plays street basketball …

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