We have a winner!

The winner for the book giveaway is Becki Sensenig. Congratulations Becki, and I hope you enjoy the book! Thank you to all of you who commented. I loved reading how friendships touched you and it reminded me to never underestimate the importance of connection and kindness. Love you all! Rosina

Turtle Heart Book Review and Giveaway

Developing a healthy relationship includes spending vast amounts of time in another person's presence, maintaining the quality of time spent together, nurturing diversity mixed with understanding, and finding meaning in something larger than the relationship. I saw those elements clearly in Turtle Heart, a book about the cross cultural friendship between an introspective Mennonite girl …

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Most times, a crisis is a lot like a sprint. Adrenaline runs high, energy kicks in, and brain, heart, and body work together to accomplish what might seem impossible. The covid pandemic feels more like a marathon. For healthcare workers, adrenaline, energy, and physical and mental resources have long been exhausted. What's different (and perhaps …

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