About Rosina Schmucker

I belong to Jesus and to a wonderful man Will. I have four amazing, exhausting kids. We live in Medicine Lodge, Kansas, where red soil and cowboys are abundant. RN, birth assistant, homeschool mom, reader, gardener–those words all describe me.

We are from the Mennonite culture, living in a community with no other Mennonites. This has stretched us and caused a greater dependence on the Holy Spirit and the Bible for wisdom. We have learned so much by venturing outside our cultural box to allow our lives to intersect with others, and we regularly fellowship with Christians of other denominations.

Hearing God’s voice, cultivating a deep relationship with Christ, and bringing His presence to people around me are my passions. I’ve experienced God’s love through my deafness and I’m humbled to offer my words to the world through writing.

Photo credit: Egging Photography, 2015


Photo credit: Blue Muse Photography, 2016


Photo credit: Blue Muse Photography, 2017


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