Most times, a crisis is a lot like a sprint. Adrenaline runs high, energy kicks in, and brain, heart, and body work together to accomplish what might seem impossible.

The covid pandemic feels more like a marathon. For healthcare workers, adrenaline, energy, and physical and mental resources have long been exhausted.

What’s different (and perhaps unprecedented) about this marathon is that the crowd on the sidelines is mixed. Some are cheering us on, supporting our every ragged breath. Others are shouting insults, leering at us for our stupidity to run such a race.

The booing cuts deep. Still, those of us in healthcare are here because we value life. We will not give up even though we are so tired our bodies, minds, and souls are screaming for relief. We will not give up even when people are hurling accusations and insults from the sidelines. We care about life, and we will do everything we can to save just one more.

We care about life. We care about you. That’s why we run.

9 thoughts on “Running

  1. Victoria Miller

    Yes Ro. You truly have suffered like few know and I have now myself come face to face with the hate and rage against me now that I willingly re entered the medical field because of the Covid pandemic. It just never ceases to amaze me but I have not suffered like you through months and months of it. Just know you are loved and that Jesus sees and cares and I’m so stinking proud of you. You know you’re my heroine, right, and that I want to be just like you when I grow up?!! Nursing school here I come on Tuesday!! 😅 Seriously your love and compassion and consistent example of Christ in this brutal world and field and even to the many who use God’s name as an excuse for their hate, is a stunning example of who Jesus really is and I am deeply attracted to that Jesus because of you!! I love you sis!!


  2. I pray you feel the courage and strength each day to keep serving! I have had several major surgeries including a cancer diagnosis and have had excellent care. I have nothing but respect for medical professionals/caregivers on an average day, much less the challenges this virus has brought.


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