On Thanksgiving morning

I woke up early on Thanksgiving morning before my alarm went off.

Anxiety twisted in the pit of my stomach as I lay in darkness, curled warm under a mound of heavy blankets. This Thanksgiving I would not be gathering at the family table to feast on roast turkey and tell stories and pass the pumpkin pie.

I would be going to work in the midst of a raging pandemic. I knew I had to creep out of bed, don my scrubs, and mask up to enter the hospital while the rest of the world stayed sleeping.

For a minute I lay in my bed, waiting for enough courage to come.

I gazed out the window by my bed, the window recently deprived of its curtain when swinging youngsters brought the rod crashing down. I looked past the broken bracket jutting out the wall and the broken external windowpane (again, youngsters, this time with a BB gun) to black-outlined tree branches snaking silently over the sky.

I saw stars, which are a precious commodity when living in town. I looked at the black branches, and the stars.

Suddenly, a bright star streaked across the sky, falling, falling, falling.

I caught my breath. The broken curtain rod and the broken window and the feeble streetlights on a cold black night could not diminish the dazzling glory of the falling star.

This year, 2020, has been a strange and broken year. It has been a year of silence and isolation. But on Thanksgiving morning, I saw a falling star and knew that God was still with me.

I got up and went to work, the light of His presence shining in my heart.

8 thoughts on “On Thanksgiving morning

      1. Toni Dyke

        My daughter, Jennifer stayed in you bandb is a nurse also. She is the Director on Nursing at a nursing home in Nebraska. She has had a rough year also, says her clientele are suffering from depression from not being able to see their loved ones. The nurses not only do their nursing duties but are also the hearts of the families that are separated from each other. She has held many dying clients in their lost moments. Praying for all direct staff that God will give you strength, protection, and endurance in the coming months! God bless you for all the sacrifices to others! Toni


  1. Toni Dyke

    Thank you for everything you have sacrificed this year! You are a shining star in the midst of all the darkness! Many people are praying for the frontline workers. We pray for your protection, strength, endurance and peace in the difficult times! Much love to you and your family


  2. Mary Lou Hinz

    Loved how such a small thing could have such a profound influence on you and remind you that God is, for sure, still with you!! It’s all in our perspective and I love how you always direct our thoughts to a God who loves us, cares for us, gives us courage when we need it most, and helps us keep our minds on things above! Thank you for getting up, putting on those scrubs day after day, and ministering to all whose lives you touch! You are, indeed, a shining star in our community!


  3. Haley

    It’s awesome the way God at times gives us signs in the sky. I’ve experienced it sometimes during hard dark times. Once it was a cloud, shaped in a hand, on a dark night close to the moon. Another time it was a rainbow in the sky- and I don’t think it was raining….


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