Why I Write

One of the best parts about blogging is the emails I receive from readers. I always feel honored to be allowed a peek into their hearts and lives. So many good friendships have been forged through these online connections.

Occasionally I get feedback that could be helpful to improving the blog. One such email this week prompted me to think about why I write.

I enjoy writing, but that alone isn’t enough for me to do the work of maintaining a blog. I can think of two reasons I keep writing even when I consider quitting for sake of time.

First, I write to share ideas born out of my life experience and my study of the Bible. I don’t have time to research things as much as I would like, but I enjoy jotting down and exploring bits of ideas that I have. I love talking about truths I have learned and experienced under the gentle guidance of the Spirit in spite of my mistakes.

Second, I write to document God’s goodness to me and my family. That’s why you will see an occasional post that just talks about our family. We are in such a precious stage of life with our little ones (including foster children) and I want to preserve some of those sweet moments.

To my knowledge, I have never written to attack a certain person. When I share a story to illustrate a point I’m trying to make, I often will change minor details or make the details vague enough to protect privacy.

I might talk about someone’s belief system but I usually find it easy to separate what a person believes and who that person is as an individual. Not by my own virtue; it is a gift from God. I can heartily disagree with a belief system held by someone and yet truly love and enjoy that person for who they are.

In our current setting, I don’t have a lot in common with many people. Yet I’m finding common ground in our shared humanity and I’m enjoying the diversity!

So if you’ve felt attacked by my writing or questioned my motives, I can assure you from the bottom of my heart that I have never tried to write in an underhanded, dishonest, or bitter way. If you disagree, feel free to comment here or email me at rosinaschmucker@yahoo.com. I will be glad to hear from you!

I want my writing to bring God glory and to make the world a sweeter, kinder, and more thoughtful place.

My little scholars will be writers themselves before I know it!



2 thoughts on “Why I Write

    1. Yes! If I try to please everyone, I fail miserably. Trying to please God and listening for His input is what gives me peace. As you said, trusting God with the outcome is the best thing we can possibly do as writers. Thanks for commenting!

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