1:15 a.m.

After my extended silence (has it really been that close to a month?!) I feel the need to check in and give a brief update about what is happening in my life right now.

I want to write and write and write, about things like a Christian’s rights and responsibilities and women in the church and bringing the Gospel to the marketplace (haven’t clued you in about that one yet!), but the only time I have for writing is literally in the middle of the night. Alas, sleep is too scarce and precious to skip unless I am awake anyway with one of my little ones who is unable to sleep.

The intensity of the last few months has felt like almost enough to finish me off, but the kindness of God and His people is sustaining me. A family with a special needs child sent our family a gift, straight from Bethlehem’s well, saying “we understand and want to help.” A friend sent us a Peter Rabbit movie to replace the one we paid for at the library, plus an extra movie just because. I even got a heart-meltingly sweet letter from the librarian! That is just a sample of the outpouring of love and care I have felt from many of you, and I am grateful.

In two days our house is undergoing the annual inspection for renewing our foster care license. Along with that comes reams of paperwork and the required continuing education that needs to be done. I thought Will and I needed twenty hours of education, but I found out last week that we need thirty because we took care of a moderate-intensive foster child rather than a basic-level child. Will and I are scrambling to get our required reading done, and sighing at the impossible stack of papers to fill out.

After our license renewal is taken care of, we have two weeks to finish up a house we picked up for next to nothing in time to host guests for the Peace Treaty weekend in Medicine Lodge. The event brings many out-of-town visitors, and the town lodging spaces are always bulging with people. Besides the house, Will has a job building a stairs inside the new tower of the local Stockade Museum that needs to be finished before that weekend.

Every day I try to focus on doing just the next thing, while flies buzz at dirty windows and children quarrel and bills insist on showing up in the mailbox. Many days I am tired and grouchy, with a backache that refuses go away and a yard that won’t mow itself. Still, God gives grace, and I see Him and feel Him constantly.

Now my little boy is sleeping soundly next to me on the couch, and I think I will sneak off to bed for a few winks before morning. If you don’t hear from me before, check back on my blog birthday on September 16. I will be hosting a giveaway, as usual!

How is God providing for you these days?

UPDATE on 9/16: I didn’t get my blog birthday post finished due to unexpected guests today. I’m sorry. Hopefully I can finish tomorrow! 🙂

4 thoughts on “1:15 a.m.

  1. Loren Miller

    Always good to hear from you in your ever changing challenging world. Summers r so busy but when looking back, so rewarding. Thanks for sharing about yours!

    Blessings galore, Uncle Loren, DPM



  2. Jean Zook

    Wow!! 30 hours is a lot!! We are required to do 6 hours & that is plenty. And that stack of paperwork!!! 😦 Eventually I got over the stress of it (mostly) & could breeze through it. But it is A LOT…especially when you are trying to hold it all together & care for the high needs child. Been there, done that!! It makes a difference how helpful your workers are. I think the first years are a proving time. They wanna know what you can handle & eventually, as you prove capable, they relax a bit. At least that’s our experience. God bless you with strength & perspective….and LOADS of His grace!!! ((Hugs))


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