Open Hands (by Victoria Miller)

I fight desperately–straining, tugging

refusing to release

this gift that I demand is mine.

I hold on for dear life

to what I crave

but it slips

and I feel the whiplash from my fall.

I lie, face planted into the ground

my fists still clenched in rage.

“Give me! Give me what I need!”

And he says,

“I already have.”

And my body releases.

And my heart melts.

“Yes Lord, you already have.”

And so I lie before him,

with open hands.

He gives and he takes away–yes.

But there are things he gives

that he never takes away–

like his love.

And that is enough.

It is more than enough for me.

How have you experienced God’s love being enough, as my sister describes in this poem?

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