11 thoughts on “Two questions

  1. Yes. He speaks to me as I read his word, and he writes his thots on my heart for situations thru each day. Those thots always agree with his word and can be heard in a surrendered heart. I’m not quite sure how to answer your second ?

    Looking forward to hearing your thots.


  2. Cathy

    I know God speaks to me. He speaks to me in my thoughts. I have never heard an audible voice from Him, but I know He sometimes does that, too. What would I do if I couldn’t go to Him with my questions! What would I do if He were a silent God! However, He talks when He chooses, not on my demand. My relationship with Jesus is my life!

    All this means that rather than just trying to use my mind and human reasoning to interpret Scripture, I ask God what He wants to show me in Scripture.


  3. Brenda Gerber

    Good morning,

    Those are great questions!

    Yes, God talks to me. He answers my questions. The connection I have with Him now began in my 30s when I faced a whole tsunami of hard things. I was rejected by my parents and church and some people I had thought were close. I confronted my own childhood sexual abuse and severe spiritual manipulation. In that dark time, I doubted my sanity and whether there was anything true. Had everything I believed turned out to be a sham? My dad who is still a Mennonite preacher also is one of my childhood abusers. I had idolized him, and as he came down a whole string of connected beliefs fell. But God spoke very personally to me during that time and I’m finding him to be so unlike the leaders and most Christians I knew up until recently. Yes he speaks to me. And his words give me life and security.

    Now the Bible. I was unable to read it because it had been part of my prison walls. The true and lie so skillfully interwoven that it scrambled my mind and created a confusion that made me physically stumble some days. But that began to change when I got a different version. I could finally hear God’s Voice in the Bible instead of angry male voices. And he has shown me wonderful things that are so amazing I laugh and cry as I’m reading and the dark veil gets torn away and I see what was used to trap me isn’t that at all. So His voice in the Bible is the security I need to approach a book that frightened and silenced me as a young woman.

    I look forward to reading your thoughts. Brenda


    1. Brenda, I wish every Bible-thumping Christian and also every person who struggles to read the Bible would read this. Thank you for your vulnerable and lovely words!

      I have a post almost finished but life and mothering keep crowding out time to write! 🙂 Maybe soon!


  4. Ann

    Yes, God speaks to me through his Spirit. So often he gives me very practical ideas and encouragement for problems I’m facing. I’m learning to believe that he wants us to come to him with everything. He is a good Father who is always there. I am still learning to trust that he will always be there for me, but I know that is what he wants. It honors him! God is not reluctant to become personal with us and he does not hold us at arms length. Very often we are the ones who hold him at arms length and then he can’t speak to us.

    This means that when I sit down with the Bible, I can ask him to show me what I need for that day or for a particular problem, and he does! The Bible is no longer a dry book that I’m supposed to read. God’s Spirit makes it come alive and become pertinent to my life.


  5. Yes, I believe He does. Most often it’s silently, like a peaceful knowing of His thoughts. Sometimes it’s through others and sometimes through His word.

    I don’t think I’ve ever heard Him speak audibly, but I believe He does, and I am still waiting for the day it happens to me!


  6. 1. Yes

    2. His Voice helps me understand Scripture, exciting me with supernatural insights.
    His Voice helps me apply Scripture.
    His Voice confirms Scripture. My personal experiences with God give me a greater trust in His Word. And biblical characters’ conversations with God feel more relatable.

    Yet, at the same time, I evaluate what I hear through Scripture, checking to make sure it agrees.


  7. Janice

    Yes, God speaks to me. I have never heard an audible voice, but I believe God does speak to people that way sometimes. God is God. He can speak when, where and how He wants. For me it has often been as I am talking to Him, I sense a confirmation in my spirit of what He wants. Sometimes it has been through reading His Word. “This is for you” Sometimes it is a gentle nudge to pray for someone or about a situation. When I am not hearing from God, it is because I have cluttered up my mind and life with too many other things.

    His Word is alive. It speaks to me. It is a revelation of who God is. I’ve just been reading the Psalms and some of them are such a personal heart cry. Some such a reminder of how great God is. Like God’s thoughts about me being more than the sand. Psalm 139:17&18


  8. Tamar

    Yes. God speaks. Impressions and inclinations within, at times contrary to my natural course of thought and activity. Many times in dreams, persistent and gentle. “This is the way, walk in it; here is the path, walk and I will speak rhema from behind to guide you. I have your back, to hold back the evil; hold out the logos, the Word/Sword before you, and the next step will be apparent.” There is always a dance where one is whirled amid both the rhema and the logos. The personal private word of dreams and the still small voice coupled to the largeness of Logos. He rules the hidden life of small ones, but also moves in the course of nations. Both rhema and logos are needed. Word within word. Never one alone.

    Perhaps a theologian would differ, but I think of it mostly in terms of dance. God’s word must become incarnated into bodies. The dance of the rhema and the logos must be permitted to enter our hearts; then we in turn, join the dance in an act of transformation and obedience. “Christ plays in ten thousand places…” Immanuel. The Logos as Man, inhabiting a body.

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