Bible Reading in the New Year

In 2016 I read through a chronological Bible for the first time, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Now that I am done, I feel a little like I’ve lost my moorings. What am I going to do now?

Let me tell you about my Bible reading last year. I’ve read through the Bible many times since my teen years, but I had never read a chronological version. A month or two into 2016, Will installed a couple free apps on my phone that made reading easy and provided a bit of accountability.

Every day I read the designated passages and checked them off on my phone. If I got a bit behind, it was no big deal, because I could go back to the first unread passage and work my way through to catch up. Sometimes I would jump ahead a bit, too, if I got engrossed in my reading and couldn’t stop! The app I used was the Chronological Bible Reading Plan. The plan will ask you to download a compatible Bible app, and I chose the ESV version from Olive Tree.

Even though I prefer books with real pages to feel and turn, I did like some things about reading an electronic version. Highlighting, for instance. See, I have this weird thing that I don’t like to mark up my Bibles, because I want to come to the Scriptures with fresh eyes each time. I don’t want my previous ideas of what a verse meant to keep me stuck in the past when God might be wanting to teach me something different now.

But this time I allowed myself to highlight, since the Bible I was using was a free electronic version after all. I coded my highlighting in three colors. Yellow–passages I loved because they were beautiful or meaningful. Pink–verses that I thought were significant but had not noticed before (or at least didn’t remember). Green–portions that I did not understand.

Now here I am at the end of my plan, moping about being finished and wondering what to do next! I could go through the chronological plan again, but reading that much every day doesn’t allow a lot of time for studying specific passages in depth or reading other spiritual books.

Here are some ideas I could pursue in 2017:

-A few years ago I read through many of Paul’s letters twenty times, often reading a whole book that many times in a week. That was a life-changing exercise. I still remember shedding tears one Sunday morning on my thirteenth time through Galatians because the words deeply touched a specific need in my heart. I want to do intensive, repetitive reading like that again sometime, if not with the same New Testament books, maybe with the Gospels.

-I would like to study the verses I highlighted green over the past year. I’m not okay with blithely saying “oh this doesn’t make sense but it doesn’t matter.” The stuff in the Bible is there for a reason, and I want to find out why! Some verses I read this past year took me by surprise because I had often heard them and thought I knew what they meant, but many times these verses are quoted out of context. I can’t wait to go back to dig for treasure! For instance, how often have you heard “I will never leave you or forsake you”? In Hebrews, that verse actually begins with “Keep yourself free from the love of money, and be content with what you have.Huh? What? I need to study this more!

-This year the Methodist church in town is offering the Disciple Fast Track program, which designates chapters to read from the Bible that will give the overall scope of the Biblical story. Fast Track spends twelve weeks in the Old Testament, and twelve weeks in the New Testament. I like the idea of reading through chunks of the Bible relatively quickly to gain a broad perspective. Plus Bible study with a group of friends is just plain fun!

-I’ve heard good things about this Beginner’s Bible Reading Plan developed by Dwight Gingrich. Maybe that would be something to read to the children this year? According to the description, this reading schedule averages less than 15 verses per day, but uses verses from every book of the Bible for a good overview of Scripture.

Perhaps I should be more spontaneous with my reading, but a plan gives me the nudge that I need, and if I just get started I enjoy reading the Bible. To me it’s kind of like getting out of bed early enough. I rarely feel like it but when I make myself do it, I’m so glad I did!

What suggestions do you have? Do you prefer studying the Bible on your own, or with family or friends? Do you like marking up your Bibles, journaling, drawing, or talking about what you learn? Do you use study helps? What Bible plans (or lack of) have worked well for you? How do you want to draw nearer to God this year? What motivates you to study the Bible? What questions do you want to ask God?

I like this picture that shows Will’s Bible and his work boots…the combination of meditation and hard work. Isn’t that what the Christian life ought to look like?  Photo by Blue Muse Photography

For myself, I’m praying that this year of Bible reading and studying will be based on learning to know my Father’s will, strengthening my relationship with Jesus, and preparing me to walk in tune with the Holy Spirit.

How about you?

11 thoughts on “Bible Reading in the New Year

  1. Great ideas, Rosina! This year, the pastors at our church gave out NKJV Chronological Bibles to whoever is committed to reading them this year. Fifty Bibles wasn’t enough, so they are ordering more. Anyway, we are only in the 4th day of 2017 and I’ve been so blessed already by spending more time in God’s Word. To my shame, I’ve never read the Bible through before. I’m already seeing so much I’ve missed. And the discipline of spending time with God is so good for me. 😊 Blessings to you as you ask hard questions and continue to seek the Lord. He is worthy!


  2. Josh

    Thanks for posting this!! This year I’m doing a Bible reading plan that gets you though the entire Bible in 6 months!!! It’s a challenge but I’m enjoying the extra time spent in Bible intake!! The reading plan has me reading in a different book of the Bible every day of the week!! Another way to use this same program is to read one chapter of each book every day!! Yes, it’s reading 7 chapters per day!!
    I like you perspective of highlighting in you Bible!! What I’ve done recently is, when I see a verse that I’ve previously highlighted, I’ll read the verses around it, with high attention to details to get a better picture of what the context is!! I’ve found it like you said, many verses are quoted out of context!!


  3. Dorcas Byler

    Hi! I started reading your blog not so long ago and have enjoyed it very much. I think we know lots of the same people.
    For 2017, I am using the app called Read Scripture. It is very user friendly. So far I like it very much. They use the ESV.


  4. LRM

    I’ve tried several other methods of reading through the Bible but the one I like the best is a chronological plan, reading through the Old Testament first, then reading the New Testament. I would rather read only Old Testament passages in my devotions till I finish in October, than bounce back and forth. I think that is partly because I like to see how the individual pieces fit into the big picture. I know for many people this would not be their preference, and that is fine. I haven’t found a system I like better. The schedule I use was published by Lamp and Light but they have discontinued it and gone with a plan that uses both Old and New Testament passages concurrently, apparently a more popular plan. LRM


    1. I’m like you, I really enjoy reading through a book of the Bible (or the whole Bible) cohesively instead of jumping around. What other books do we read piecemeal like that? But yes, waiting until October can feel like a long time, and I can see why others like to break up their reading more! Sometimes I do deviate from my plan to read something that feels refreshing during a dry or difficult time.


  5. I used the same Bible reading plan last year and really enjoyed it for many of the same reasons. The other advantage I found to reading my Bible plan on a screen is that the bright light kept me from falling asleep first thing in the morning which has always been a problem for me. 🙂 I did miss having as much time to spontaneously read, but the discipline of the plan was really good for me.

    I’ve heard that every Christian should chose a gospel and learn to know it inside and out, to be better prepared to share the gospel story. This year I’m going to read through Mark each month then whatever time I have left I’ll read around as I’m inspired or in need. 🙂

    Sometime I’d like to use the daily reading plan that combines an OT, NT, and Psalm or Proverb selection.


  6. I like your “Letters x 20 plan”! I did something similar. The only problem is that takes time…I think that i must schedule it a little better in order to cover maybe all the new testament or even the bible!


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