Loyalty and Kindness

Never tire of loyalty and kindness.

Hold these virtues tightly.

Write them





Proverbs 3:3 (TLB)

Will with Keane and Desiree in Colorado


How do you cultivate these virtues in the volatile social and political climate we live in today? How have you experienced those gifts from others? If you would like to, share a comment about some loyalty or kindness someone has recently shown you.



10 thoughts on “Loyalty and Kindness

  1. My darling husband went out of his way to pay to rent a beautiful cabin for us to stay in for 10 days during a youth event this wk. My daughters were part of the event while I got to take care of their breakfasts and laundry and whatever other needs they had. Youth are special. Youth are important. We delight in serving them extra this wk…desiring always that they will succeed in Jesus.

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  2. Sherilyn Miller

    A dear friend of mine dropped off beautiful yellow roses just for me this week. Several friends texted me to make sure I was ok. One heart friend prayed for me last night at midnight, and four precious friends prayed for my run this morning. Today complete strangers sat and ate with me and talked about the Wind of the Spirit in their lives. And so many people today went out of their way to offer me a smile or a hug, some of whom I never met before. It all meant the whole wide WORLD to me.❤️

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  3. Maria Peachy-Dapaah

    I was at the store, [walmart] I had in mind that there was 95$ in my wallet, when, in reality I only had 65$ since stopping for gas…which I’d totally forgotten.
    So…I’m at the checkout, Caroline chooses this instance to scream for a boob…as I’m trying to give her a bottle which I had pumped ahead of time, and toss my items on the belt, the lady behind me in line asks if she may help me, and finishes putting my groceries up on the belt.
    Thank you thank you I say, when in my head I’m smitten, cause I’d just finished judging her for multi color hair and tattoos over every exposed skin!
    As my bill comes to my planned 92$ I am horrified to realize I only have 65$ left. And I change several color shades in the face and fumble to choose what to return, the aforementioned lady tells cashier “don’t put her stuff back!!” And swipes her card paying the difference and waving me on with a “I’m paying it forward!”
    I hug her, and walk out to my truck sobbing

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  4. joyfulhopeflokstra

    I’ve been thinking lately about showing kindness through curiosity and listening. I talk easily and offer advice too early and too often. Being heard is one of the ways I’ve been loved best and I want to be that kind of person for others.

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  5. All of these responses are so incredibly beautiful! When I hear of these kindnesses, it makes me want to be that sort of person myself!

    I want to add a kindness I received lately. We were visiting a church and my two-year-old was being very wiggly and fussy. The couple behind us leaned over and gave my little boy a book to look at. That meant so much to me–there was no condemnation of my naughty child, but sympathy and a sweet “I want to help you” attitude.


    1. Arlene

      Rosina, you were the one who blessed me that day! Calmly & patiently taking care of your family, I could sense Jesus spirit in you, I remember thinking I want more of that in me! Thanks for being a shining example,& I’d love to get to know you better! Your family inspires Loyd & I! Blessings to you!
      Oh & I’m grateful I could help you out!😊


  6. Victoria

    So Monday morning I was in court as usual and the normal craziness was going on. My boss then text me part way through and said I have to get back to the office asap as she’d written protection orders for two people and there was a third person waiting. We were in the middle of a trial and I was like, what the heck?! That type of thing has been happening a lot as I’m the main advocate right now. So I picked up my stuff and gave the girl I was training, detailed instructions on what to do, because I needed her to stay there, and raced out. I was HUNGRY but didn’t have time to grab anything to eat. I raced upstairs to my office, quickly unlocked it, and there sat Mama Sheryl with what looked like a million orange roses!!! Aaaa! I was so shocked and delighted. Somehow I could face the crazy day after that!!


  7. Victoria

    Isn’t she a rock star, and aren’t I so lucky to have her as a Kansas Mom?! She yells at me a lot and I don’t listen to her at first….till my way turns out bad, and then I come back and she cracks up and I have nothing to say! 😀


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