To my band of question-askers

You asked so many wonderful questions! Will you please come sit around my table for a piece of pie and a long talk?

It’s hard to describe the longing I felt as I read the questions as they came in. I kept thinking, who WOULDN’T want to discuss such great questions? Too many of us feel shame for talking about the things we ponder. That, along with the good dose of loneliness I’ve experienced, make me wish for Heaven–not only to see Jesus, but also to sit and talk with His followers. If any of you come through our remote part of Kansas, there’s room at our table for you!

Last night two friends from our town ate crackers and cheese and apple pie with us as we discussed the first chapter of Ezekiel. I still laugh to think of it, but it was so awesome. I LOVE a rousing discussion! I just read through Ezekiel recently and felt like I had read a bizzare sci-fi book. But with the help of thinking friends, I feel like I have a better grasp of Ezekiel and I received a revelation (if you want to call it that) about something that made a deep impression on me. I might blog about it later, if time and inspiration coincide. Now, back to the drawing…

I did the drawing the old fashioned way. First, I wrote down all the names on a piece of paper.


Then I cut them apart, and put them into a little bowl. Stuart was my helper.

He mixed and mixed the names.


Then he shut his eyes, and drew one!


I gasped when I saw the name. I’m not sure if I should tell you why, but I guess I am going to and you can decide what you think.

See, it bothered me a tiny bit to use this random process to select a person. I kept thinking, If I believe in hearing God, shouldn’t I ask Him which person to give this book to? So over this past week, I’ve been asking God, and a person’s name kept coming to my mind. I don’t even know this person (at least I don’t think so. 🙂 ) But I didn’t totally trust myself and wanted this drawing to be completely aboveboard, so I went ahead with the secular random drawing method.

And Stuart drew out the name that had been on my mind all week. I’ll leave you to your private thoughts on the matter.

I did feel a twinge of disappointment for the 24 others who didn’t get a book. If I were rich enough, I’d be inclined to deprive Amazon of 25 of their copies. But I might email some of you if I feel the inspiration. 😉

I’ve received enough brain fodder for at least a month or two or ten. Thank you!


2 thoughts on “To my band of question-askers

  1. EG

    Well gasp twice here. (Once for when I saw the word PIE :D) I didn’t enter because I have the books and didn’t want to deprive anyone else of the privilege…but I see that was just foolish human reasoning. 🙂


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