A Morning Exercise


1. Quiet your heart and bring your thoughts toward God. In the stillness, tell Him that you are listening. Sit in silence for a few minutes.

2. Ask God to bring a Biblical character to your mind. Write down the name of the first person who comes to your mind.

3. Ask God, “What part of this person’s story do you want me to think about?” Don’t try to think too hard or figure it out. Just write down whatever you think of first.

4. Finally, ask God, “What are your words to me through this story?” Write it down. If you don’t get anything right away, be patient. It might come to you later in the day, or even later in the week.

What did you hear?


2 thoughts on “A Morning Exercise

  1. Murrey

    Mary–birth of Jesus–“a chosen mother for a chosen child.”

    I’ve had my mothering skills sorely tried and my confidence severely rocked in the past few months. I feel disconnected from one of my children, and want so badly to win that child back.

    And God says He chose my children for me and chose me to be their mother.


    1. That is so beautiful. Tears. Isn’t just like Jesus to get right to the heart, when given a chance?

      You are a good mother. I bless you with joy and reconnection and peace as you care for your family.


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