getting started…

I’ve been procrastinating writing my series on hearing God. For various reasons. But yesterday I read this on a conservative Anabaptist blog:

“The faith has been delivered once for all, Jude assures us; it needs no addition.  Scripture is sufficient, it thoroughly equips a man to live and to act, Paul tells Timothy.  Can God speak again outside of the canon of Scripture?  Yes, there is precedent in Scripture.  But Scripture itself gives critical parameters for those rare occasions, and we dare not blur the distinction between human impression and divine voice.”

So God speaks only rarely today? REALLY??!!

Perhaps I misunderstood, I hope so. But reading that was the electric shock that prompted me to go ahead and write. Even though I’m not an expert and people might pooh-pooh what I have to share.

Here’s a rough outline for 5 possible posts on hearing God’s voice. 1.) an introduction (to clarify some of my motives, etc.) 2.) What is prophecy? 3.) How do I hear? 4.) Telling others what I hear. 5.) Hearing within God’s family.

Am I missing anything major? Do you have suggestions you’d like to offer? I’d love to hear from you!

And I’m not promising this will be a speedy process. I’m a busy mom, you know. But the note-taking has started…

Peace to you all.

5 thoughts on “getting started…

  1. Rachel G

    Yes! Physical hearing is something you’ve dealt with and now I’m excited about reading your posts on spiritual hearing. Maybe you’re planning to include this, but I’m hoping to read about ways that keep us from hearing God. And about the Holy Spirit’s work as described in John 14:26. Blessings to you!


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