God is Light

Do you ever feel yourself getting sucked into the darkness in our world today, and wondering if God is good?

One of my dear friends is just now pulling out of a deep depression, in which he felt mired down in the hopeless groaning of creation. (Rom. 8:22) I feel sympathy for him, because periodically I see the door to my soul inching open to Futility baring its fangs and threatening to enter.

To keep myself from getting crunched in the maws of Futility, I cling to this verse in I John.

This is the message we have heard from him and proclaim to you, that God is light, and in him is no darkness at all.

(1 John 1:5 ESV)

With all of the earth breaking under a load of suffering, it’s easy to wonder why God doesn’t step up and make things right. Why does he turn a blind eye, a frosty shoulder? Is He so comfortable in his reign that He doesn’t need to bother with the tangle of mortals? He seems so far away, so not-present in time of need. Why doesn’t He come sweeping down to rescue the world?

When I hear Futility clawing at the door with these questions, I arm myself with these words: God is light, and in Him is no darkness at all.

If it looks like God is not good, the error lies in my perception of Him, not in His character. God is light!

I also forget that God wants to rescue the world through His people. If I hunker in fear, or run in terror, or scream with despair, how will His love and light be known in the dark places? What’s my reaction to things like abortion, ISIS, racism, and shootings–fear, judgment, condemnation? Or desire to be part of the amazing work God is doing in these perilous times?

I am not helpless in the face of futility, not a plaything of an indifferent God. He has gifted me with Jesus and He promises that if I walk with Him, I will walk in light.

In Him is no darkness at all.





How have you seen God’s light even in a suffering world? Share a comment if you have encouragement to offer the ones of us who struggle with futility.

4 thoughts on “God is Light

  1. Rachel G

    Thank you for reminding me of this verse! It will be one that I say to myself when I feel the daily depression of daylight disappearing at 5pm. Blessings to you!


  2. Mommymommy

    When the world looks hopeless, when there are so many enormous, overwhelming problems like ISIS, abortion, etc., then I have to go Do Something. Strike one small blow against the darkness.

    Donate a pack of diapers to the pregnancy care center–there, the world is a little better off now, if only for one mama and baby. Bless the land in my small town; the spiritual atmosphere just changed a little. Bless the neighbors next door with prayer, words, soup. Give four children in foster care a bed for one night and pray for them while they sleep. Now God has a little more wiggle room to work in their lives.

    Perhaps you and Rachel G need a light ritual each day. At dusk, light a candle or a string of Christmas lights, remembering that He is your light, asking Him to let your spirit sense the light of His presence in your home, asking Him to shine from your heart and your home into the darkness of your town. Ask Him what your specific small assignment is to fight the darkness in the next day.


    1. I love your ideas! We have to wait for a bigger house to foster four kids, unless we want five people in each bedroom! 🙂 I do want to adopt a child out of the foster system someday.

      I can’t help but think that if every Christian strikes small blows against darkness, it will add up to a holy and powerful force!


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