A Song of Praise

The last few weeks before our trip to spend Thanksgiving in Kentucky, I kept wondering when I would get that phone call saying a baby was on the way. But the due date came and went, and I sadly resigned myself to missing the birth. Another birth assistant agreed to cover for me while we were gone.

We planned to leave at 6:00 on Tuesday morning. At 5:45, Will came to me, holding the phone away from his mouth.

The baby is here and the midwife is still an hour away! Can you help?


I jumped into the van and raced the twenty miles to a  home in the country. Taking a deep breath. I assessed the situation and set to work.

By the time the midwife arrived, mom and baby were tucked together into a soft, warm, cozy bed.

Here is Rayna Praise:

Rayna Praise Kuntz

She is doubly precious, because a year ago her newborn sister went to be with Jesus. She is a song of the Lord, a song of praise to her family.

God bless you, little Rayna!

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