Giving Thanks

Tomorrow morning we are leaving for Kentucky. On Wednesday, Will and I plan to take our children to the Creation Museum. (They are hopping with excitement!) Then the next four days will be spent in Leitchfield with my parents and all eight of my siblings and their families!

It will be a noisy four days!

I’m so thankful for a good family. We aren’t perfect; we have misunderstandings and we cry and fight sometimes. But underneath it all is a tenacious loyalty. We’ve been through so much. And we laugh together. A lot! I’m so excited about seeing everyone again.

Meanwhile I am whirling around the house trying to get ready for a trip (my least-favorite part of the whole process). I have clothes and food to pack, errands to run, children to tend. And tonight we’re starting our weekly Advent study with some other families in town.

But I am happy. God is good!

Don’t forget to bless the Lord for all His gifts!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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