Medicine Lodge Peace Treaty Weekend

The town was abuzz for months preparing for an event that took place this weekend. The event is called the Peace Treaty celebration, to remember the Medicine Lodge Treaty signed in October of 1867 between the United States government and the Plains Indians.

However, the activities this weekend focused on more than Indian history. A panorama of Kansas history was displayed in the parade and pageant each day.

The number of things going on in town was enough to make my head spin! I’m glad Peace Treaty happens only every four years.

Friday and Saturday, we walked the three blocks from our house to Main Street to see the parade. Lots of horses and guns! The vehicles ranged from creaky covered wagons to old cars to rumbling motorcycles.

A cart made out of wood and buffalo hide
Wagon train

IMG_0038IMG_0040Friday afternoon, we went to the Pageant, which played out 300 years of Kansas history.

IMG_0014One part of the pageant was emotional for me. When the actors played out the Indians meeting with the US government officials to sign away their land, I got teary-eyed. I’ve only lived in Medicine Lodge for 10 months, and I love the place. How would it feel to have been close to the land all your life, only to have someone take it away?

To you Indians, I’m sorry we did this to you.

Saturday and Sunday, Will and I volunteered to supervise an inflatable bouncing house for the kids for several hours. The bouncing house was a free way to burn off energy, so it was popular with parents!


We thought it would give us an opportunity to meet and talk with people. And it did.


Both days I visited the art gallery right next to the bouncing house. The gallery is held in what was originally a church house that has been charmingly remodeled. Crisp, black ceiling, clean white walls, warm hardwood floor.

We know the artist’s family from going to her church, and our boys took swimming lessons with her boys. The pottery that she makes is so beautiful.

Display at Maker Mercantile, Medicine Lodge, KS

This morning, Will sang in the community choir at the downtown church service.

The community choir. Will is in the back, far right.
The community choir. Will is in the back, far right. He wryly told me that they put a collar (bandanna) on him in case he doesn’t behave.

We enjoyed the three days of trotting around town, seeing interesting sights and talking to people. But we are oh-so-tired.

Collapsing on a street bench
Collapsing on a street bench

Now we are back at our little house, trying to quiet our jangled nerves and rest up for another week.

Our house at 407 W Central Avenue.

We’re glad we live here in Medicine Lodge.

2 thoughts on “Medicine Lodge Peace Treaty Weekend

  1. RachelG

    You guys are amazing! I can hardly imagine supervising my own three children at such an event, let alone supervising a bounce house and talking to other people. May God quiet those jangled nerves of yours and give you a good week!


    1. Will did most of the talking to people, since he is more easygoing about life than I am. 🙂 And it definitely helped that our kids could bounce with the others, too! I think we are recovering nicely now!


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