Your turn

Dear friends,

My mind is full of things to write about, but the words are stuck, not wanting to be released just yet.

For something different today, I thought I would offer something to you: if you drop me a comment about something on your heart (or send an email if you don’t want it public), I will pray for you on my Sunday afternoon walk.

Hopefully soon the words will be unstuck, and I will write about things like how to handle painful misunderstandings and finding a path through suffering and what children teach us about love and dealing with grief in foster care and changing the world by listening and what it means to be pure in heart.

In the meantime, how can I pray for you?



20 thoughts on “Your turn

  1. Bethany Flokstra

    You can pray that I would keep learning how to walk faithfully in my calling. Parenting is stretching right now and there is other calling I feel led to that I’m still working out how to begin in.


    1. Rosella Bauman

      Life is real, and the demands of motherhood sometimes are overwhelming! A baby that’s 4 months and I’ve been trying to get her on a sleep schedule (it’s not working) and a 2 year old who wakes up at night. Why? Pray that I accept it all graciously, and love them up while they are little. Bless your heart for filling your walk with prayers of others, some of whom you may not know…!


      1. Rosella, motherhood is not for the faint of heart! And not being able to get enough sleep makes it even harder. I’m praying for God to multiply your sleep, to refresh your body even when you are awakened at night. He sees how much you love your little ones and will give grace!


  2. JW

    Thank you for your kindness! I am a broken pot of clay – – but I ask you join me in praying for a hunger and thirst for God’s righteousness – – I long to be filled.


  3. Kansas Shenks

    Kenneth, David, Brenda, and Miriam are on their way home from the Shenk reunion in Virginia.  Teiran (Karen) & Cody were able to be there for the first time in three years.  We have been fasting, praying, and believing for miracles.  We have not yet heard any reports.  Whatever did or did not happen in that week, Teiran & Cody and all of us stand in need of much prayer for God’s continued healing and restoration.


    The Lord bless you and keep you; The Lord make His face shine upon you, And be gracious to you; The Lord lift up His countenance upon you, And give you peace. Num. 6:24-26



    In 2 weeks, I plan on going to Chicago for my husband’s (he died 3 yrs ago) family. There were a lot of hurts and most are not saved. The second oldest has cancer. Please pray with me that I might again share about Jesus saving power. Thank you! My husband & I tried to hold the family together with these reunions, but so far everyone has not been together since their dad died over 50 yrs. ago. Anger & bitterness have their toll in their lives.– Barbara Ziesemer


  5. Anne Weaver

    Thank you for your generous offer to pray. I imagine you are back from your walk, but maybe on your next one, you can remember me. There is deep anguish in my heart as I deal with my own failure in a delicate matter. The process of being made pure in heart and being stripped of self is painful, but it’s what is before me. Pray that my faith would not fail and that at each step, I say yes Lord. Thank you kindly, Anne Weaver

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    1. Anne, I could have written every word of this a few weeks ago. I went to bed at night with the longing rising inside me to be purer in heart. And yet, facing our failures is never easy.

      I know you hear from God, so I’m asking Him to speak to you, to give you both insight and comfort. Blessings, friend!


  6. Ruth Witmer

    Pray for our great niece and her husband whose 4 years old son who is fighting neuroblastoma cancer. Seems like their options for treatment are narrowing. Pray for a healing miracle! His name is Lincoln Shcrock.


  7. Karen

    Please pray for a lady, “Emma,” with a severe health issue. Please pray for wisdom for all involved with her care. Thank you!!!


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